Monica Sautter

Monica Sautter

It’s our belief that pursuing a passion enriches our everyday and gives us a sense of purpose. Our passion happens to be cocoa – it’s rich history, incredible qualities, and its ability to bring people joy is unique. It truly is a gift from nature. By sharing our passion, we hope to inspire others to discover theirs. We consider every moment an opportunity for discovery, further fueling curiosity and making a meaningful impact. We’re constantly creating engaging cocoa experiences, allowing for hands-on learning (and major fun along the way).

Our three product collections are available exclusively through our Cocoa Curators:

indulge in gourmet chocolate for a pleasurable experience;


explore the earthy origins of cocoa for a rare, unaltered experience;


discover the flavor possibilities of cocoa for a culinary experience.

Through THE COCOA EXCHANGE™ we share our knowledge, experience, and passion for chocolate with you – and you’re a dynamic part of that exchange. Bringing people together to experience the many ways cocoa surprises and delights is what we – and our Curators – look forward to every day! With a strong, evolving network and a foundation that offers flexibility and support, people who engage with us can even turn their passion into a worthwhile profession.