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Aurora, IL

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Enjoy a curated event with your friends and shop for free

Get together with friends and experience the many ways cocoa surprises and delights in THE COCOA EXCHANGE Hosting an in-home experience with THE COCOA EXCHANGE is simple and rewarding - your friends will have a blast and you'll earn credits you can use to shop for free!

Trying before buying is the most fun way to shop! (who doesn’t love free samples?)

Not only is a tasting experience different from an average night out (or in)… but it’s a great way to get together with friends, family, or coworkers and have some fun!

When you host an experience with THE COCOA EXCHANGE, you pick the recipe and the date and your Curator will customize an experience for you.

  • Free shipping on items you order through the host program! 
  • Earn Host dollars
  • Earn half-priced items
  • Monthly specials
  • Use your host dollars to buy a Curator starter kit.

* A "qualified experience" has $200+ in sales and have 3 buying guests. The Host is not a guest, and the Host Program rewards do not count toward party sales. Host Dollars may not be used to buy half-priced items.

Experience Sales* Host Dollars* Half-Priced Sets*
$1000+ $200 4
$900-$999 $135 4
$800-$899 $120 4
$700-$799 $105 3
$600-$699 $90 3
$500-$599 $75 3
$400-$499 $40 2
$300-$399 $30 2
$200-$299 $20 2

Earn $200+ in free products and up to 4 half-priced sets.
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