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Hungry for Happy?

Take a bite of the sweet life as a Curator.

What is a Curator?

A Curator is an independent brand ambassador who shares The Cocoa Exchange’s 100% exclusive product collections in a variety of ways including in-home Tasting Parties, on a personal website, through social media events and more.

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Our passion is helping you fund your passion

What’s your passion? Whatever it is that makes you happy and enriches your life, the income you make as a The Cocoa Exchange Curator can help you pay for it.

  • Our products are marketed exclusively by independent Curators.
  • Because we’re just a year old, the United States market is wide open.
  • Customize your own business, working when and how you want.

5 Ways to Earn



Earn 25-40% commission on everything you sell.

QuickStart Sales

Earn free products based on your sales during your first 90 days.

QuickStart Sponsoring

Earn $50 cash each time you sponsor a qualified new Curator during QuickStart.

Team Building

Earn overrides on the sales of your team.


Earn bonuses when you achieve the Manager title or above in the Career Plan.
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A Menu of Options

You have a variety of options available to help you meet prospective customers, Hosts and Curators to grow your income. Choose the approaches that work best for you because you’re the boss. Sweet!

Tasting Parties

Personal Consulting

24/7 E-Commerce Website

Business Gifting

Online Social Media Events

Personal Gifting

Pop-Up Partnerships


Community Events

Cooking Classes

Vendor Events

Auto-ship Program

The market is waiting

Curators are tapping into a huge market – Americans eat, on average, 12 pounds of chocolate each year and spend $378 billion on packaged foods! We are the new, transformative force in the industry, making it easier, more personal and much more fun to shop and work. And, because The Cocoa Exchange™ is just a year old, the United States sales market is wide open.

Escalating Commissions

Earn 25% -40% commission on your personal sales. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Product Discounts

Earn product discount coupons based on your monthly performance - up to 50% off.

Expertise and Support

From the world’s largest chocolate company and our Home Office Team.

Product that Means More

From empowering others to pursue passions to our partnership with CARE®, what you sell makes a difference.

No Inventory/Deliveries

To ensure high quality, we ship product directly to Hosts and customers who order.

No Fees

We pay credit card processing fees and ensure highly secure transaction processing.

Fabulous Customer Service

Our in-house customer service center means when you call or email, you’ll get a friendly person in our Home Office.

Love It! Guarantee

Every experience should be rewarding, so we stand behind our products 100%. If something’s not right, we’ll make it right.

Commitment to Quality

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA and are available only through Curators.

Essentials Kits is $99 or Digital Kit is $49

Start your business your way when you choose which Starter Kit works best for you!

Our Essentials Kit comes with nine delicious products and physical business-building tools (like catalogs and a Square credit card reader!) for just $99. Running a digital-heavy business? Select our Digital Kit for $49 and get the same delicious products plus access to virtual business-building tools through TCE University and your Curator Connection. Discounted products are available, and you’ll receive a coupon for 50% off up to $100 in supplies just for signing up. Plus, you’ll earn even more rewards when you get off to a Quick Start!

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