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Chocolate Harvested from Nature

Adventure Through Chocolate Beyond the Candy Bar

PURE DARK®: Let’s get real here. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and the superfruit cocoa pod is one of her masterpieces. PURE DARK® is as close to nature as we can get, with rich, complex flavors that make an authentic statement. Using Mars’ 100+ years of chocolate expertise and research from our cocoa farms, we select the finest beans to create a chocolate flavor that’s pure, decadent and dark. From Cocoa Nibs to Dark Chocolate Rounds to Slabs, Barks and Granolas, PURE DARK® is a great way to explore chocolate beyond the candy bar. Topped with roasted nuts, toasted spices and fruit powders, each bite is elemental perfection.

Explore Chocolate Closer to Nature
Pure Dark Intro
Pure Dark Intro