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Think of THE COCOA EXCHANGE as your personal gourmet store where cocoa and chocolate come to life in delicious, innovative ways. We're like the friend who's always in the know about the latest and greatest in food and chocolate.

Experience the joy:

Dove Signature Logo

features silky smooth DOVE® Chocolate paired with chef-curated flavors in premium treats and gifts. With products ranging from nostalgic to trendy, there's truly something for everyone.

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Pure Dark Logo

takes chocolate beyond the candy bar. Using earthy, raw, real and whole ingredients, PURE DARK® products are chocolate as nature intended. Explore a brand new way to enjoy chocolate.

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Pod & Bean Logo

combines our chocolate expertise with the culinary skill of our chefs to create one-of-a-kind gourmet food. Discover why cocoa deserves a permanent place at your dinner table.

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Vitalize Logo

combines cocoa flavanols and plant-based nutrients along with 20 grams of energy-enhancing protein for powerful total body benefits.

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