Gluten Free White Chocolate Pancake Mix

Gluten free pancake mix with white
chocolate shavings creates fluffy
pancakes with a lightly sweet white
chocolate flavor.
• Create delicious pancakes for
• Create crepes for an amazing
Sunday brunch
• Use as a batter for fried apple fritters
• Make fluffy funnel cakes for the
• Crumble with butter and use as a
topping on fruit crisps
How to Sample:
SIMPLE: Mix a half batch and create
mini pancakes to sample.
QUICK: Top mini pancakes with a
small spoonful of POD & BEAN®
Raspberry Amaretto Preserves.
ELEVATED: Assemble a Create Your
Own Pancake station with a variety of
toppings including berries, whipped
cream, honey, maple syrup, cocoa
nibs, and jellies.