Joanne Longoria

San Jose, CA

Our Story

Our passion for cocoa began over 100 years ago in the Mars family kitchen in Tacoma, Washington where Frank and Ethel Mars started a business selling their chocolate. Today, that family business has grown into Mars, Inc., producers of America's favorite chocolate brands and the world's largest chocolate company. Using our chocolate expertise, we bring cocoa to life in innovative, unexpected formats, curated for you, through THE COCOA EXCHANGE.

With the expertise and backing of Mars, we bring you exclusive ways to explore your passions through our cocoa-based products and experiences, curated by our in-house chefs. The products and experiences we create are designed to be experienced, not to sit on a store shelf, so we bring them directly to you through our Curators.

At its heart, THE COCOA EXCHANGE is a marketplace for all things cocoa, but it's also a platform for sharing ideas, passions, enthusiasm, and shared experiences. We live this concept of exchange every day and invite you to join the conversation.

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