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Mission Viejo, CA
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Choose Pleasure with Purpose™

Fall in Love With the Dove® Signature™ Collection

No secrets here — we simply love chocolate, for the promise of pleasure and subtle sweetness in every cocoa-rich bite. In fact, the only thing that surpasses our passion for chocolate is the delight of sharing a piece with others. Especially with you. DOVE® SIGNATURE™ delivers an exclusive experience without regrets by creating delectable desserts, indulgent cocktails, and heartfelt giftables all with the exceptional DOVE® Chocolate you know and love. It’s an invitation to treat yourself or spoil that special someone with our most crave-worthy confections. At DOVE®, we’re devoted to crafting remarkable chocolate. What’s more, we’re dedicated to building opportunities that bring abundance, meaning, and depth to the lives of others. From our Curators to our CARE® partners in Côte d’Ivoire, we are committed to empowering women to build brighter futures for their families, their communities, and themselves. This extraordinary moment is yours to savor, so let go, and enjoy a tasty goodie that does a world of good.

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