cho·co·la·tier (noun): a DCD brand ambassador who shares the fun and magic of a chocolate tasting party experience.

A Chocolatier samples all things chocolate. People get excited and smile. They savor, get a little giddy and have fun with their friends. Then they buy your products . It's almost that simple.

Here are the perks of becoming a DCD Chocolatier!
  • Freedom
    Work for yourself and be independent, setting your own business goals.
  • Flexibility
    Set your own hours and schedule work around family priorities.
  • Finances
    Pay bills, take that special vacation or replace your full time income. How much you earn is entirely up to you!
  • Fuel your development
    With top notch training programs and tools, you'll gain entrepreneurial business skills and savvy that will make you a hot commodity in any market.
  • Friends
    Meet new people through Tasting Parties and a supportive network of Chocolatiers.
  • Fun
    Love what you do and share that joy. It doesn't feel like work when you make people happy! After all who doesn't love chocolate!

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