Deana Clark

Tomball, TX
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Chocolate Harvested from Nature

Adventure Through Chocolate Beyond the Candy Bar

PURE DARK®: Let’s get real here. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and the superfruit cocoa pod is one of her masterpieces. PURE DARK® is as close to nature as we can get, with rich, complex flavors that make an authentic statement. Using Mars’ 100+ years of chocolate expertise and research from our cocoa farms, we select the finest beans to create a chocolate flavor that’s pure, decadent and dark. From Cocoa Nibs to Dark Chocolate Rounds to Slabs, Barks and Granolas, PURE DARK® is a great way to explore chocolate beyond the candy bar. Topped with roasted nuts, toasted spices and fruit powders, each bite is elemental perfection.

Explore Chocolate Closer to Nature