Barb Hollock

Aurora, IL

 Chef-Curated Products. Ethically Made. Crafted to delight.


Quality is the foundation we rely on to deliver consistently high standards across our brands. At THE COCOA EXCHANGE, our quality principle touches our entire business and guides every aspect of creating our products.

Quality Ingredients

We take careful consideration in how we source our beans and how we manage the entire production process from bean to bar and beyond.

Our spices and inclusions are selected by our classically-trained chefs.

Quality Manufacturing

We adhere to world-class food safety practices in our manufacturing sites.

All DOVE® Dark Chocolate is manufactured using Rainforest Alliance certified beans.  
Quality Packaging & Shipping

We put careful consideration into how we ship things to you - even adding extra cooling materials during the summer months (at no added cost to you) to make sure your products arrive in great shape.

Ethical Sourcing

We are committed to ethically sourcing all raw ingredients for our products. We seek only to work with suppliers that can consistently meet our standards and specifications and are committed to standards of conduct compatible with our Five Principles.

American Made

Our products are manufactured in the USA and we print all packaging in the USA. 

Chef-Curated Flavors

Our chefs carefully curate flavor profiles ranging from nostalgic to cutting edge, designed to pair perfectly with our bean-to-bar chocolate.


As part of Mars, Inc., we share our passion for innovation through flavors, product types, packaging, and all aspects of our product development.


All products are 100% exclusive to us and our Curators - not available for sale anywhere else.